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9/17/12- Today was my third work day and my first package assignment. Occupy Tallahassee is the story I pitched. Today is the year anniversary of the Occupy Movement. I started by interviewing a customer at Black Dog Cafe. I scrambled to find and Occupy Tallahassee member and stumbled across Allison Milham at Bread and Roses. When Occupy Tallahassee first started they met at Bread and Roses, I attended one of the meetings. It was a lucky find. I still need to become more familiar with ENPS and find a better method to convert video.

9/24/12- Today was my fourth workday and second package assignment. Atheism in Tallahassee was the story I pitched. I did a better job with my story ideas. I was able to contribute my part to the team. However, I still have to work on my process, my writing and my teases. If I can finish writing my script correctly and fluidly in 30 minutes I can be finished an hour before my deadline. I also need to log while I am doing my Sot's to makes it easier to write my script in the newsroom. I am going to reread the Strunk and White book to hone in on my writing and be sharp with my delivery. I know I made another bad grade from not making the deadline but I am learning and trying my best.

10/1/12- Today was my fifth workday and three vo assignment. Three stories about Famu's 125 anniversary, a rape in lee hall, and disability employment awareness month. I made my deadline and did a little better with script writing. However, I had bad video and did not get any interviews. I have learned about some key areas I need to improve on in advanced tv news. Everyday is harder than the next and there is always something to improve on. You should write short sentences and articulate when you speak. As a Multimedia Journalist your constantly learning more about your craft. I can become a multimedia reporter if I continue to work hard. Scheduling interviews in advance helps on work days as well.

10/8/12- Today I had three voice over stories. One about Major Marks, another about hispanics and cancer, then one more story about Office Sickness. My process was good today, still need to pick up speed. I also need to have better package ideas, I have good voice over ideas but I need more concrete news material. It is tough to get stories without a large base of contacts. To become a better multimedia Journalist I need to expand my window of contacts. I made my deadline and didn't have any blue video. I still need to work on my script writing, come in with better package ideas, and speed up my process and check everything. However I was pleased with today and didn't make the same mistake with video. My professor showed me how to white balance the camera, giving our technical director a chance to see some of my shooting talent. My professor also gave me some words of encouragement moving forward and I am very grateful for that. Im going to continue to work my hardest at being the best multimedia Journalist I can this semester.

10/15/12- Today I had a package about voting in Florida. My assignment was to cover the electoral college and would it be impacted by the influx of democratic voters in Tallahassee. This was my second package assignment to be completed that day. I relaxed and tried to avoid stressing about anything no matter what happened today. I made my deadline, however my video had some minor issues that my team helped me repair. My script writing improved and flowed better, however it still needs improvement. My process is faster but I still need to work more efficiently. My video shooting is getting better and better. I also utilized the iris today as well. I hustled when I could not find any official for my interview. Found a undecided voter and a decided voter. I really wanted to do a live shot but I know I'm not ready. I still can't finish a package an hour before the deadline so I still need some work. I did my best and worked my hardest so I have no regrets.

10/22/12- Today I did a package about contaminated ink in tattoos. My assignment was to ask certified tattoo artists how to prevent it and what it is. I also spoke to Emily, who has 4 tattoos, about her experiences good and bad. This was my third package assignment to be completed that day. Out of all the days this semester, this one was the smoothest. However, today was very difficult because I wrote my first live script. With pressure packed deadlines it is easy to over analyze the situation. Luckily today I was able to relax and get it done. I stumbled over my live shot, However both my professors suggested I shorten my scripts, to make it easier to memorize. I will improve on all aspects to become a better multimedia journalist. I did not complete my hit times, and my cutline as well. I also need a pair of black headphones.

10/29/12- Today I had 3 VO/SOTS about the Emancipation, Capital Circle Expansion, and Star Metro providing free bus service on election day. Capital Circle Expansion went well and the Star metro story also went smoothly for the most part. The Union Florida museum was close and I ended up dropping a story. I also had some technical difficulties that were puzzling. However, both reporter did a great job on their live shot and package. Excellent reporting from the both of them. Monday's show was also excellently produced by the production team all around. I was happy to see the team do well and everyone pleased with the show. It is great to see other people do well when they work hard everyday to produce a great product.

11/5/12- Today I had 3 VO/SOTS about Meningitis, Absentee voting, and Downtown Tallahassee update. I really wanted to do a package and work on my live shot however, my original story idea about the brain not being able to operate empathetically and logically at the same time did not have a good b-roll angle. I need to find better story ideas, or find a way to make my science stories more video friendly. My script writing is getting tighter and I am becoming real familiar with Enps. I am becoming more and more confident in my ability to get the job done. If I can come up with more creative angles and better story ideas, I feel like I really will have a breakthrough. Today was one of the first days I didn't even have to check my video in the server. Another goal accomplished.

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