Is Global Warming real?

            Global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases that affects the Earth’s climate pattern according to The real question, is Global Warming real or fake? Where are the facts? What is the solid evidence? How do you measure Global warming? All these are legitimate questions about this unexplained natural phenomenon.
            National Geographic and many other news outlets attribute carbon emissions and Green house gases to Global Warming. During the Industrial Revolution the rise of green house gases in the atmosphere increased. As the world population increased after the 1960’s more greenhouse gases were released into the atmosphere.
            Supporters of Global Warming are pushing business’s and factories to reduce their emission of Greenhouse gases. Supporters say if carbon emissions continue to rise we could have a severe climate change.
            However, everyone is not convinced global warming is true. “You can get any spin that can be spun on global warming. It is a multi-billion dollar cash cow for those who are involved,” Bob Jones, Executive director of Southeastern fisheries association said. The discrepancy brings up valid questions about global warming.
             Are supporters genuine about their interest in the well-being of the Earth? Is Global warming another way for government profit? Are they helping or hurting the planet with Global warming?
            “The threat of oil contaminating the oysters, which never happened, caused Florida to relax the harvesting rules and allowed harvest in areas that were normally closed for the winter season and tons of undersized oysters were put on the market which were the seed crop for this year,” Jones said.
            Oyster harvesting and severe mid-west droughts are just a few issues that questions the motive of Global Warming supporters and financial backers. Some of these issues could be related to a long-term global climate pattern, a reason rarely discussed. Jones said he is near 80 and never remembers this many droughts in the mid-west, However, that area is named the “Dust Bowl” for a reason and a brush-up on your history can prove that. These and many other questions I strive to answer while pursuing the truth about global warming. 

                                                          What is Global Warming?
The Southeastern U.S. temperature is increasing and could disintegrate Florida. 

            Since 1970, the U.S. Southeast has warmed 2 degrees Fahrenheit and Florida could see even more 90 degree days in the future according to the committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

            Florida’s rising sea level is an effect of climate change. Climate Change is a change in weather over a long period of time. During the Earth’s history it has experienced variations in its climate.
            The Earth’s latest variation in temperature worries Scientist and paleoclimatologists.  Satellite observations indicate acceleration in sea level rise and sea level could exceed three feet by the year 2100.  Since almost 9 percent of the state is 5 feet within sea level, the impact on Florida is significant.

Ursula Ible Vice-President of FAMU Environmental Sciences Student Organization
            The effects of global warming immensely impact Florida. Florida’s mangrove, the Everglades, helps pad the severity of hurricanes. The climate change is expected to make hurricanes more wet and intense according to the committee.  Salt water and Freshwater habitats will become mixed, which will destroy populations of animals. The American Alligator and Florida Panther are all endangered species. 
            Global warming impacts the natural ecosystem.

            The habitats of these endangered species could disappear due to Global Warming for a number of reasons including; lack of food, human interruption, or a lack of breeding partners.
            All these factors tie back into climate change and how it affects the entire ecosystem.
            The Florida Keys has the biggest living coral reef.  Warmer ocean temperatures and environmental stress is causing the Key’s coral reef to experiencing bleaching.
            The Earth oceans absorb Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Ocean acidification occurs when the chemical balance of the ocean is altered. The acidification is bleaching the Florida Keys and threatens a 4.3 billion dollar industry.
            The committee thinks Florida can reverse some of these effects and become a part of America’s new clean energy future. The committee suggests Florida harnesses its ability for solar power and wave energy to generate electricity.

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